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A Tripartite Relation

The Client

The client signs a managerial contract which establishes his relation with the manager. This mandate enables Advigest to manage the account, but excludes all withdrawal or deposit operations by ourselves. The client is then guided by his manager in defining his profile, he then informs the latter of his wishes regarding the running of his account.



The Portfolio Manager


Advigest is the permanent intermediary between the bank and the client and according to the chosen contract, Advigest ensures the management of the client’s assets (discreet mandate) or advises him (assisted management mandate) in investment matters.



The Deposit Bank


The selected Bank is the depository of the client’s assets account. Thereafter, the Bank takes care of the day-to-day administration of the account, the preservation of the titles and also the execution of the instructions submitted by the manager. Moreover, the Bank has the duty of overseeing the portfolio manager in order to prevent risk of error.




Relation Tripartite